How to Write a Cover Letter Like a Champ

Cover letters still matter image.jpg

Applying for jobs couldn’t be easier these days. The “upload your resume” function on LinkedIn and on many job search aggregators (I.e. makes the process of applying to jobs fairly simple. Some job applications, however, require a cover letter to go along with the resume. Don’t let that deter you from applying! Here are a few tips to take your cover letter from good to great:

  • Have a template with your sample cover letter ready to go and saved in a Google Doc. This will cut down on the time it takes to apply to that job you want.

  • Think of your cover letter as a “4 paragraph essay” your first paragraph will set up your “thesis”—who you are, which job you are applying for and where you saw the job listed. Here is the place to let them WHY you want this job: be personal  (i.e. I use the product, service, etc and am obsessed with this company specifically because….)

  • The second and third paragraphs “body paragraphs” will give specific examples of which skills and accomplishments you have that match up to the job description (use keywords from job description to help you here). These two paragraphs are the ones that change with each job you apply for and should reflect the specifics of each job.

  • The final paragraph, your “conclusion” will thank the reader for their time and consideration and suggest a follow up plan.

Finally, remember, your cover letter is meant to supplement your resume, not repeat it. Utilize your cover letter “body paragraphs” to expand upon the key bullet points on your resume which best support your job application.

Happy writing!