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I speak frequently and run workshops, seminars and webinars on workplace-related topics. Contact me to organize a speaking engagement or workshop for your corporation, university, professional organization, or non-profit organization.

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Speaking Topics

Building your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a hot topic and learning how to build your personal brand is critical for job seekers. In this workshop I provide tips and resources to help job seekers build and communicate their personal brands to become the stand out candidate in their field.  Participants will come away with a multitude of techniques to help them to unearth and acknowledge their strengths, talents and point-of-difference, ultimately leading them to build the strongest personal brand.

Workshop elements include: crafting a goal-oriented personal mission statement, doing your own personal public relations, developing relationships with experts, and utilizing social media to build and communicate your brand to reach hiring managers.


Managing your Quarter-Life Crisis

We are all familiar with the mid-life crisis, but what is the quarter-life crisis that is affecting millennials? The quarter life crisis typically occurs as a reaction to entering the “real world” post-college. Those experiencing a quarter-life crisis may feel lost, scared, lonely or confused about what steps to take in order to transition properly into adulthood.

Studies have shown that unemployment and choosing a career path is a major cause of stress or anxiety for this demographic. In this workshop, I work with recent graduates and young alumni to teach them how to rebound from their “quarter-life” questions and difficulties and how to take steps to recover and thrive in their next phase.

The workshop will cover: re-discovering your passions, interests and strengths; assessing skills and gaps; building confidence; tips on searching for your next career and a job market overview for millennials.


Returning to Work after a Career Break

This workshop is geared for those who are assessing their career options after a career break. Whether you have taken time off to stay home with young children; to care for a sick parent; or to reassess your career plans, this workshop with provide a road map to define your values, goals and priorities, arm yourself with information, and chart your path to the job you want.  I will present an overview of current job trends, networking strategies, resources for career research and social media job search strategies to help you get back to work.


Professional Networking Strategies

This workshop is geared toward professionals or job seekers looking to grow and better utilize their network: both in person and via social channels. During the first part of the workshop, participants will learn strategies and tactics to further develop and cultivate their networks along with tips to create a dynamic elevator speech. The second half of the workshop puts these skills to the test with supervised networking conversations, feedback and tips on networking Do’s and Don’ts.


Tips for a Successful Career Change

Changing careers can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  In this workshop potential career changers will learn how to prepare for a career change. Topics will include: transferable skills assessment, cover letters, resume and LinkedIn for career changers, networking tips and branding yourself for career change.

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“What a fantastic workshop you led tonight. It looked like every student was hanging on your every word. Thank you so much. I think they all really appreciated hearing your tips and learning about how to maximize their presence on LinkedIn. And the Personal Branding information was incredibly valuable. I was just so proud of how engaged and thoughtful our students were – like sponges.”

- Karen D., (LaGuardia Community College)


“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at NYU;  I am really glad I came [to the talk]. One of the things that impressed me the most about you, is your optimism.  Each negative question, you turned into a positive. I want you to know, that I am already implementing many of your suggestions. Going out tomorrow with business cards in my bag and will seize any opportunity to network.”

Jewel A.

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