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Are you confused about what steps to take to build the career you want?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your work, but afraid to make a change?

Are you interested in entering a new field, taking on a leadership role or shifting career paths, but have doubts about your ability to make the transition and excel?


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What if I could completely take the guesswork out of your job hunt, so you can land a new job you love in just a few sessions. What if you started hearing back on all your applications? What if you aced every single curveball job interview question?

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My Story

As a career changer myself, I understand the fear associated with starting something new. Where do you start? What skills do you need? How do you actually “do it”? I can relate.

I started my career in advertising, and got married and pregnant in quick succession and never went back to my advertising job post maternity leave. Having not grown up in New York City, I was motivated to write my book City Baby because I desired for information on how to raise a baby in New York City.

Writing the book led me to running groups, workshops and seminars for new moms, which I loved. Through this work and my own experience as a working mom, I learned first-hand about the specific challenges women face surrounding work and family. When I had taken the book as far as I could, (four editions over 15 years) I was ready for a change.


I thought about what I liked about my work: I loved working with women (moms) and being a resource for them. I enjoyed thinking about the intersection of work and family. And I loved running groups and public speaking. I knew I needed to acquire new skills to run my own business so I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Career professional. I have been coaching now for over a dozen years, and am so grateful that I made this switch.

One of the best parts of my job is helping others make the transition back to work, or to change careers. I break down the process into small manageable steps and am in your corner providing resources, tips, solutions and more for the entire transition.


Professional Bio

Pamela is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) and Personal Branding Strategist working with individuals in all stages of career development. She specializes in helping people make career transitions and has had success working with a myriad of populations including Millennials, women in transition, and career changers. Helping clients build their personal brands to become the stand out candidate or professional in their chosen field is what she does best. Pamela provides a wide range of services for clients including: personal branding strategy, executive coaching, LinkedIn profile development; interview preparation and job search techniques.

Pamela runs workshops and seminars for universities, corporations, professional and non-profit organizations. In addition, she leads Career Development Groups at corporations to provide professional development and branding support for key employees.

Prior to becoming a career coach, Pamela co-wrote the best-selling New York City parent’s resource guide City Baby. The book is in its fourth edition (2010) and has also been published in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago and DC.



  • Advocate for working moms

  • I have been a panel member on the Today Show and CBS This Morning segments

  • Co-wrote the best-selling New York City parent’s resource guide City Baby

  • And (the best part) - helped hundreds of people with their career journey!



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