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Workshops and Seminars for Companies Focused on Improving Gender Diversity and Inclusion

Facilitated by Pamela Weinberg




Do you want to empower your women leaders to succeed and reach your gender and diversity targets?

Are you looking for an expert on retention and transitions for new moms?


I have solutions for your company:

I provide specialized training programs for organizations that are concerned about the increasing number of women leaving the workplace.

I can help you create customized Work/Life Balance Options by conducting research to identify issues and challenges facing your employees. Once completed, I provide you with a blueprint for introduction and implementation of solutions, strategies, tactics, tools, and support these efforts as you require, to help you retain your top female workers.

By initiating retention programs such as Mentoring, Coaching, Networking, and Leadership Development specifically designed for women, your overall cost of turnover will decrease and you will succeed in keeping your top talent.


If your company is looking to retain your female employees, let’s talk:


According to Catalyst, companies with more women executives see a:


46% higher Return on Equity

84% higher Return on Sales

60% higher Return on Invested Capital


Why am I so confident about my expertise in this field?

I have a unique background with this demographic having spent 15 years running groups for new moms and speaking about work/family balance and related topics through my book City Baby. And am “one of them” having taken off time from work myself and reinvented myself post children.

Keynote talk at L'Oréal

Keynote talk at L'Oréal




Praise from Pamela’s clients:




  • 60 to 90 minute workshops or “lunch and learns” geared toward professional development for the women on your teams.

  • On site coaching

  • Individuals on your team in need of one-on-one coaching surrounding workplace issues including becoming a manager, transitioning onto a new team, returning to work after maternity leave.

Working with HR on programming Professional Development

  • Bespoke programming designed to help your firm retain your female talent and ensure that your investment in training and career development is rewarded with long-term loyalty.

Monthly Groups

  • Run monthly groups to support the following populations in their career and professional development:

    • Women in Transition

    • Working Parents


All services can be done in person or by Video Conference


Let’s talk about what I can do for you and your valued employees:


About Pamela

My background as the author of City Baby (the leading resource guide to parenting in NYC) and as a Career Coach with a focus on women makes me uniquely qualified to lead workshops geared toward women in the workplace. My experience doing one-on-one coaching with working moms has given me keen insight into the challenges they face. Working with HR to provide professional development, support and coaching for working moms is an outgrowth of my 20+ years of experience coaching this population. 

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A McKinsey analysis found that gender-diverse companies are:

statistically 15% more likely to outperform their less diverse counterparts in achieving above-average returns.



Recruitment and Retention: Gain the Diversity Edge through Inclusive Recruitment

In today's highly competitive business environment, it's more important than ever to recruit and retain top talent.  Participants will learn:

  • How to recruit and retain women at every level

  • An action plan for developing and retaining women leaders

  • How your company can succeed by making it a great place for women to succeed

The No Struggle Juggle: Finding Work/Life Balance for Working Parents

Prioritizing a healthy culture and cultivating a happy workplace environment promotes work-life balance. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burn out in the workplace. Participants will learn:

  • Readily available resources to promote flexibility for their employees

  • How to improve the overall workplace experience for their employees

Smooth Transitions: Preparing for and Returning from Parental Leave

Currently, there is a female talent drain of 30-45 year old professionals who are at their peak in terms of training, experience and value to the organization. Help make your employees transitions as seamless as possible. Participants will learn:

  • How to develop a plan of action for both managers and employees leading up to and returning from parental leave

  • Successful tips on coverage, transparency and collaborative career mapping

  • How to ‘hit the ground running’ on their return to work


Glowing feedback from corporate workshop clients: