Happy Summer!

Summer is my favorite season. I love the sunshine, the long days and nights and the ease of walking out the door without a coat or boots. Even more though, I have found summer to be a great time for self-reflection. Long walks outdoors in the park or on the beach help give me an opportunity to think about my clients, my work and my own career in a different, more beautiful environment which often sparks creativity.


This has been an exciting summer for me so far as I signed a lease in June on my own office. I have spent the last 5 years subletting office space from other practitioners and now I can proudly say I have my name on the door.


Invigorating Events You Might Have Missed

I had two noteworthy speaking engagements so far this summer. I spoke to the Women’s Lawyer’s Group at Latham & Watkin’s, LLP on the topic of “Building Your Professional Brand”. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with female attorneys who are doing such wonderful work and are continuing to seek professional development along with the long hours they put in on the legal team. Scroll to the bottom for top tips that I shared with the group.

In addition, I was recently a guest on the @theideamix podcast where I spoke on three topics: tips for career changers; personal branding; and the quarter-life crisis faced by many millennials starting out in their careers. The founders of The IdeaMix are two impressive women who met at Harvard Business School and have created a dynamic website filled with motivational, career-related blogs posts and a new podcast.


I'd love to work with you to help build your career and personal brand. Please contact me to set up a 15 minute complimentary session.

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Enjoy the beauty of this season.


Top Tips on Building your Professional Brand

  • BE HEARD: take a seat at the table

  • Seek out PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities

  • Find a MENTOR or SPONSOR

  • Add VALUE to your company with additional skills

  • CREATE your own Personal Board of Directors

Pamela Weinberg