How to End your Interview Like a Champ: Three Great Questions to Ask at the End of Each Interview


You can be sure that at the end of each job interview you will be asked “do you have any questions” by your interviewer. The answer should always be a resounding YES. Coming prepared with 3 to 5 questions is key because it is likely that a couple of your questions will be answered in the course of your interview. Here are three questions that are winners every time.

  • What is the work environment/culture like at the company? This is a great way to get insight into the workplace and to learn more about the vibe of the company, i.e. teamwork, camaraderie, etc.

  • Ask something more personal like “what do you like most about working here”? People typically enjoy talking about themselves; and asking this question will give a you a deeper understanding of the person interviewing you and a closer read on their personal style—great info to have especially if this person could end up being your next boss!

  • Ask your interviewers what they’d like to see you accomplish in the role during the first few months. This will help you to learn more about the expectations for the job and to help you get further data points about your potential fit for the job.

Also, remember to wrap up the interview by asking what the next steps are in the process. And don’t forget to let them know that you want the job (if you do) Good luck!

Pamela Weinberg